Your source for sound repeaters and more.

welcome the world of A.C. Sound, where we build and record custom information repeaters for amusements, attractions, food and game booths, and rides. We can build a custom repeater for you. We have repeaters that have a 16 bit sound chip that can record up to 8 minutes of instruction and/or music on a loop cycle or four individual channels triggered via a switch or push button. Also, we have repeaters that use a 2 GB SD card, making it user friendly to switch out spiels.  These repeaters are widely used throughout major amusement parks, fairs and carnivals.

We can even build a repeater that has sound effects or music to make your ride or game more realistic. Just tell us your needs and how we can help make your job easier.

Need a sound track for your web site or for a radio commercial spot? A.C. Sound can create a sound bite and download it as a MP3 file for radio or web server. We'll even lengthen your current sound track to match your time code.



A.C. Sound is owned and operated by Anthony S. Cordina.  


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